Get area rugs for all their many benefits

Area rugs could be the greatest asset to go along with your new flooring. In addition to protecting them and helping them look great for many years, they'll also add the kind of fashionable accents that speak directly to your style. These pieces are available in an excellent variety of shapes, sizes, fibers, and styles, so no one gets left out. Their mobility is an added benefit that makes them easy to remove for cleaning, or just to move from one room to the next to break the monotony.

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When it comes to finding the perfect piece, it can take some time. That’s why you want to choose a trusted area rug retailer such as Prescott Flooring Brokers. We work hard to make sure all your requirements are met and you leave completely satisfied.

From our showroom in Prescott, AZ, we serve the communities of Prescott, Prescott Valley, Dewey, Chino Valley, and Sedona, AZ. We'd love to help you find what you need, so be sure to stop in at your convenience.

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Area rugs with a purpose

Placing area rugs in any location where guests and residents come in from directly outside is a great way to protect your new floors. They catch and trap much of the debris that is tracked in and keeps it from being spread onto the hard or soft surfaces of your flooring. With less debris, your hard surface flooring will see fewer scratches and your carpets won't get dingy, while odors are never a problem for either. It also helps collect any moisture, protecting against water damage as well. In addition to being warm and comfortable, you might be surprised at the level of noise reduction that comes with the strategic placement of area rugs. Everyone loves a more peaceful home and these pieces truly help make that possible. When added to bedrooms, where hard surface flooring is the primary material, there’s no cold flooring shock when your feet hit the floor in the morning. With a comfortable start to the day, there’s no telling what you can accomplish. For decorating purposes, area rugs can be an excellent addition. It’s easy to build a palette for wall colors, decor, and wall art if you start with a rug in your favorite colors and patterns. If you go with a whole-house theme, you can even change the rugs around between rooms and never throw off your look.