What you don't know about carpet

Did you know that carpet now has more benefits than ever before? In addition to all the expectations that have always been a part of choosing this floor covering, there are now many more practical benefits you'll want to know about.

Durability is one factor that has everyone talking, and for good reason. It’s a great option for many rooms in your home and has a lifespan that means you won't have to replace it in just a decade or so. You can enjoy this flooring for years, with proper maintenance.

How to find your perfect carpet

At big box stores, you have limited supplies of carpet options, with a few select rolls and remnants. At a dedicated carpet retailer, you can find the perfect match for the very requirements you have for your flooring.

Imagine taking advantage of benefits like hypoallergenic fibers, for the allergy sufferers in your home, or a material that’s three times softer than your average nylon flooring. They provide the perfect surface for toddlers just learning to walk, as they help to prevent falls as well.

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Durability done right

With durability high on the list of important carpet features, you'll be happy to know that many brands have excellent options. Choose a material with stain protection built right in, or fibers that are nearly crush-proof for protection in the busiest parts of your home. You're also welcome to ask about flooring that guards against pet stains and the odors associated with them. Pet owners often feel singled out in that they can't count on carpet in their homes, but that’s not the case with all brands. Ask us more about that. It’s very important that when you purchase carpet, you also take advantage of the professional installation that comes with it. When the installation is complete, you’ll be so glad that you did.

Find your carpet

Prescott Flooring Brokers has an organized showroom with a huge selection of carpets as well as competitive pricing. We will assist you in making an informed decision to suit your life style, decorating tastes & budget. You can check out samples to see in your own home & lighting to give you confidence and peace of mind with your selections. We can also order you larger samples at no charge, once you narrow down the possibilities to a few. No appointments are necessary but, if you want to get the undivided attention of one of our selection assistants, you can set an appointment. We can pick up your samples when we come out and measure for your free quote.

Advancement in treated carpeting makes for family-friendly coverings in high-traffic areas. Carpet fabrics can be durable, pet friendly and beautiful in appearance and texture.

Carpeting can add the perfect touch of color and class that embraces the decor of a room.

The advantage of carpet flooring is the wide variety of colorful plush-pile fabrics such as Indoor/Outdoor, Loop, Pattern, Berber and twisted Frieze.

Indoor/Outdoor Carpet

Indoor/Outdoor Carpet from Prescott Flooring Brokers is all about performance and versatility.
It’s durable enough to stand up to temperature changes, yet stylish enough to be used in interior spaces.
Can help hide repaired cracks in concrete.

Indoor/Outdoor Carpets are built to support interior and enclosed exterior use. They are made from synthetic fibers with inherent ultra-violet (UV) resistance.

This makes Indoor/Outdoor Carpet suitable to install on patios, porches, decks, outdoor walkways lockers rooms and more. Indoor/Outdoor Carpet is available in loop, pile and artificial turf styles.

Olefin/Polypropylene: Indoor/Outdoor Carpets from Prescott Flooring Brokers are manufactured with high fade-resistant olefin/polypropylene fibers.

These fibers are solution dyed during the manufacturing process to inject bright colors into their fiber structure.
Indoor Outdoor carpets are glued downed and can help hide repaired cracks in concrete.

Loop Carpet

This style is a great choice for practical performance and rooms that need a basic floor covering. Its low profile and higher density construction make Loop Carpet a better performer, but less cushiony underfoot.

Loop Carpet comes in unique fibers that can be a welcome decorating addition for your home. These Loop Carpeting fibers are:

  • Smart Strand Forever Clean exceptional durability that preserves the style, beauty and appearance of your carpet. Luxurious softness that you can sink you can sink your toes into. The only carpet with built-in stain and soil protection that never washes or wears off. New spill protection technology for quick and easy clean up. Breakthough technology in renewable and sustainable carpet Fiber to preserve the beauty of the planet.
  • Nylon: Nylon gives you a winning combination of easy care, durability and resilience. A popular fiber for Loop Carpet, nylon can be color-fast and topically treated for stain resistance. It can be solution dyed at high temperatures during the manufacturing process. In either case, it can resist staining and soiling.
  • Polyester: Polyester Loop Carpet is created from finer filaments to give it greater softness while remaining durable and economical. As an eco-friendly and affordable fiber option, polyester is a logical choice for tight-piled Loop Carpet. It can be produced from a variety of post-consumer products, including recycled soda bottles.
  • Olefin/Polypropylene: With its natural resistance to fading along the entire length of its fibers, olefin/polypropylene is great for Loop Carpet in bright rooms. Olefin Carpet can withstand traffic and sunlight without losing its vibrant color. With its superior color-fastness and stain-resistant polypropylene fibers, olefin/polypropylene is outstanding for Play Rooms, Family Rooms and anywhere else people gather. It holds up well in normal traffic and will remain brightlycolored in the face of the sun’s powerful rays.
  • Triexta: Although it’s new, triexta has already won devoted fans. The synthetic fiber is designed to repel water-based or dry soils, often needing little more than a damp cloth to clean it. Triexta endures traffic well, especially in a Loop Carpet. As a surprisingly supple fiber, triexta softens the short, tight piles of Loop Carpets and adds a touch of luxury to even the most casual rooms.
  • Wool: Natural wool fibers impart a luxurious feel to Loop Carpet options. Thanks to wool’s long, usable lifespan, this resilient natural fiber will give your Loop Carpet outstanding longevity and comfort.
  • Padding: A layer of padding beneath your Loop Carpet cushions your footsteps, but it also provides support for the looped fibers and can extend the life of your Carpet. Padding also acts as another layer of insulation.
    Your Sales Representative can help you decide on the padding that’s appropriate for your Loop Carpet.

Patterned Carpet

A combination of cut fibers and loops create patterns and textures that are characteristic of Patterned Carpet
offered by Prescott Flooring Brokers.

Also known as Cut & Loop or Sculptured Carpeting, the color may be solid with tone-on-tone visual interest created from high and low profiles of fibers. Style meets function in Pattern Carpet, making it a popular choice for formal and informal areas alike.

Pattern Carpets are also known as Cut or Loop Carpet.

Many Pattern Carpets feature a combination of looped and cut fibers to create patterns and textures. The construction of the Carpet’s surface creates multi-level sculptured designs.

Selectively cutting off some loops creates a distinct appearance and texture different from other styles of carpet. Patterns can range from structured grids, lattices, abstract lines and geometric shapes.

Each type of Carpet fiber possesses distinct characteristics. Fibers can influence price, color and performance.

Luxury carpet in Prescott, AZ from Prescott Flooring Brokers

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